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Our doors come in a variety of panel and edge options. Find the style that best compliments your kitchen, bathroom, or office!

We offer raised panel and recessed (flat) panel doors. We have numerous designs to choose from for the three main parts of the door - the door edge (sometimes referred to as the lip), the inside frame edge (framing beads), and the edge of the raised panel.

Would you like an arched design? Do you prefer the simplistic beauty of a square design? You can exercise your creativity by choosing a unique edging for each of these door parts.

  • A door style
  • A door style
  • A door style
  • A door style
  • A door style

Our most popular door is the raised panel door or flat panel. For stained doors our most popular door has a solid wood frame with a solid wood panel however we do offer a less expensive flat panel style that has a veneer (medium-density fiber-board) panel but still has hardwood around the edge of the door. Because solid wood expands and contracts, we do not recommend using solid wood panels on painted doors we recommend a door with a solid wood frame and a panel made with suitable material such as MDF or Fibrex

The most common hinges used on our doors are either soft-close or self-closing hing-es that hold the cabinet doors firmly shut. You won't need to worry about your cabinet doors hanging open half an inch. Would you like a different variety of hinge? As a custom shop, we can build cabinets with the hinges of your choice.


We offer two drawer options. Our most common drawer is the solid 5/8" maple dovetail box with the soft-close slides mounted underneath the drawer. We also have the Econoline plywood drawer boxes with side slides.

Why do we use the dovetail design for constructing our drawers? Not only does this trendy design look good, but it also gives the drawer a sturdy structure.

We typically use Blum drawer slides for the undermount soft-close option and the non-soft close side slides. This brand of slides has a 100-pound static load capacity. Choose the heavy-duty Blum undermount slides for a 150-pound static load capacity.

Glazing & Finishing

Most Stains are hand wiped and then sprayed with two or more coats of durable catlysted conversion varnish, which is noted for its excellent chemical resistance. Light sanding is performed between the clear coats to enhance the smoothness of the finish.

Glazed stains: a popular choice, gives your cabinets a classy look. It adds additional color and ac-cents the cabinet edges. We apply the glaze and then wipe the cabinet until only a thin layer remains. Because more of the glaze stays in the corners, it darkens the edges, adding beauty and depth to your cabinet.

We use the same process to apply the glazed stain as we do our regular stains with the extra step of adding glaze between the two clear coats. As a custom shop, we offer almost any color of glaze.

Paint colors normally have two or more coats of primer or tinted sealer, with an additional clear coat. Light sanding/scoffing is performed between every coat, to enhance the quality of the finish.

Paint colors with glazing go through the same process as the painted colors, with the additional step of applying the glaze before the clear coat. To enhance the uniformity of the glaze, some paints may have an additional light diluted coat applied before the glazing to fill in any fine scratches (sanding/scoffing) created.

Paint Options

  • White Paint Sample
    White Paint
  • White Paint Brown Glaze Sample
    White Paint Brown Glaze
  • Custom Creme Paint Sample
    Custom Creme Paint
  • White Paint Black Glaze Sample
    White Paint Black Glaze

Oak Stain Options

  • Natural Oak Stain Sample
  • Wheat Oak Stain Sample
  • Rye Oak Stain Sample
  • Candlelight Oak Stain Sample
  • Traditional Cherry Oak Stain Sample
    Traditional Cherry
  • Mocha Oak Stain Sample
  • Java Oak Stain Sample

Maple Stain Options

  • Wheat Maple Stain Sample
  • Rye Maple Stain Sample
  • Candlelight Maple Stain Sample
  • Traditional Cherry Maple Stain Sample
    Traditional Cherry
  • Java Maple Stain Sample
  • Mocha Maple Stain Sample

Conversion Varnish Finish

What are the top benefits of conversion varnish?

  1. Conversion varnish, an outer coating that hardens during the application pro-cess, stands the test of time. Its durability keeps your cabinets looking great for years! Among three kitchens installed close to the same time, our cabinets finished with conversion varnish stayed beautiful while the others began to chip.
  2. Conversion varnish has excellent chemical resistance. It has been tested and proven to resist many of the household chemicals such as household cleaners, pest control products, and the toothpaste that dribbled down the front of the bathroom vanity.
  3. Conversion varnish resists marks caused by liquids. It does not mar as quickly as other finishes do. However, it is still unwise to let water or other liquids sit on furniture for long periods of time.
  4. Conversion varnish gives a highly polished appearance. It does not have the tacky or sticky feel that some other finishes do. Because of this smooth, clear finish, you can easily wipe the cabinets clean.
  5. Conversion varnish has the elasticity that keeps it from cracking when the wood expands and contracts with the changes in humidity.


Our quality hardware comes from

Some customers prefer to purchase the necessary hardware directly from this site or another source. Hardware Sources has many options with sharp photos that make choosing cabinet hardware fun!

Do you know the part number of the hardware you want to purchase? Buying through us usually saves you money.

Wood Options

Hardwood’s strength and durability make it a good choice for kitchen, bathroom, and office furniture.

Oak - Oak is a great choice for those who want a durable hardwood at a reasonable cost. It is one of the less expensive hardwoods. Oak has a distinct grain that adds character to your cabinets.

Maple - Maple is trendier than oak. This hardwood can be stained or painted.

Custom Woods – Because we are a custom shop, we are not limited to the above species. We can build your cabinets with many other varieties of wood.

  • Rustic Hickory - an excellent wood for giving your room a rustic appearance
  • Cherry - a durable, rich-looking hardwood
  • Pine - a soft wood not highly recommended unless you want the cabin look
  • Birch - a popular wood years ago. Today, birch is mostly used to match existing cabinets
  • Paint-grade - wood suitable for a painted finish. Maple is the most popular paint-grade wood. Ask us about other wood options that look nice painted.

Are you interested in a type of wood that we did not mention here? Give us a call, and we will be delighted to see what we can do for you!

Counter Tops

Laminate: We custom make laminate counter tops.

What are laminate countertops made from? We use moisture resistant MDF or flake-board underneath and bond the laminate to it. Moisture resistant MDF has become our choice material for laminate countertops. We can make these countertops with few or no surface seams.

Laminate countertops provide customers with an economical yet attractive countertop option. They are easy to install. Order a laminate countertop with a bevel edge for a high-end look without the high-end cost.

Formica and Wilson Art have developed a variety of attractive designs and colors. Visit Formica or Wilson Art for color samples, or come and see samples at our location.

Heat and stains do not damage laminate easily. But please do not take a kettle off the stove and set it on your laminate countertop. It cannot withstand extreme heat. Laminate lasts a long time if properly cared for, but it is more difficult to repair than some of the other countertop materials. Grab the cutting board. Laminate is not tough enough for cutting your vegetables right on the countertop.

For Granite, Quartz, and Solid Surface Counters we partner with others that specialize in those fields. You can visit to see more options. Buy directly from them or purchase the countertop through us.

Granite: Each slab of granite has the benefit of uniqueness. Granite is a natural mate-rial that comes in hundreds of colors. Choose your slab and get it formed into an ele-gant, one-of-a-kind countertop. Granite resists scratches well. Make sure your granite countertop has been sealed to ward off stains. It may need periodic resealing to keep it stain-resistant and looking as good as new!

Quartz: Most quartz countertops, made from an engineered material, consist of approximately 93% ground natural quartz and 7% polymer resins. Quartz mimics the stone look but does not need as much maintenance. It can withstand heat and sharp knives, resists stains, and does not need to be sealed. Our supplier offers over 100 col-ors of quartz in vibrant colors including designs that look like marble and granite.

Solid Surface: Solid surface countertops, produced from man-made materials, contain mineral dust mixed with plastic resins and pigments.

We use solid surfacing for the counters, sink, and backsplash. Solid surface counter-tops create a seamless look because the seams are almost invisible. This material is al-so available in a huge variety of patterns and colors. The store samples usually depict accurate color tones of the real product. Solid surfacing is mildew resistant and does not stain easily.

You need to use your cutting board on this countertop because it will get scratched by sharp knives. The good news is that solid surface countertops can be repaired more easily than some of the others. The scratches can usually be sanded out.

Cultured Marble Vanity Tops: Cultured marble, a blend of marble dust and polyester resin, often shows up on bath-room vanities. This affordable material has a non-porous surface that resists staining if you spill your hair dye or shampoo. With almost endless possibilities for styles and colors, this durable vanity top is worth considering!

Our supplier for cultured marble vanitytops is CounterTek. See a copy of the options they provide here.