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Specializing in Custom Kitchens

Scenic View Woodworking

We are a small family shop making custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, office furniture, bookcases and counter tops – We take you from design to installation.

The benefits of doing business with our small shop include buying directly from the manufacturer, talking with the owner and those involved in the manufacturing, and customizing your kitchen your way. Our products are beautiful and built to last.

What gives our cabinets the superior quality you’ve been looking for? We work with you to create a design that is functional and attractive for your home. We use quality parts such as smooth flowing drawer glides that make a difference in everyday convenience. We sand our cabinets smooth and apply a quality finish meant to withstand the wear and tear of family life.

Because we specialize in custom-built cabinets, the options you can add to your kitchen, bathroom, or office furnishings are almost endless. Do you need a few ideas to get your imagination going?

• File drawers with file rails. Do you use hanging file folders in your office? When designing your office, ask us to build file drawers with file rails. Imagine the beauty of custom-built wooden drawers instead of a metal filing cabinet.

• Adjustable rollout drawers. Tired of trying to reach that container in the back of the cupboard without knocking things over in the process? Rollout drawers keep your cooking ingredients and utensils conveniently accessible. Slide the drawer out and easily select the ingredients you need for cooking dinner.

Our adjustable rollout drawers allow you to move the drawers up or down according to the size of the items you want to store on them.

Our adjustable rollout drawers allow you to move the drawers up or down according to the size of the items you want to store on them.

• Tilt tray for the sink. Instead of the false drawer fronts usually installed in front of your sink, consider our tilt tray option. These little tip-out trays make a handy place for storing your scrubbers, bottle brushes, and sink stoppers. Here is one more small way to keep your kitchen organized!

Need a handy place to store your brush, comb, and fingernail clippers? Ask for a tilt tray in front of your bathroom sink.

• Blind end pull-out shelves. Let us install blind end pull-out shelves in your corner cupboards. Instead of needing to almost crawl into the corner to get what you want, we install two sets of shelves. The sets of shelves are attached to each other. Pull them both out to conveniently access the items stored in the corner.

We sell several styles of blind corner pull-out shelves. One style allows you to pull the top or bottom shelves out independently.

• Pantry shelves. Pantry shelves are convenient for organizing, but they also help utilize your space efficiently. A carefully planned pantry can make a big difference in storage space especially in a small kitchen!

• Drawer dividers.Since we specialize in custom-building, you can ask us to make drawer dividers exactly the size you need them. Keep your things from becoming a jumbled mess by giving them their own compartments.

• Spice trays. Finally, someone who can build you a nifty tray for arranging your favorite spices.

• Cutlery trays. No one likes when the spoons spill over onto the forks. Pick the drawer where you want to keep your spoons, knives, forks, etc. We can install a custom, built-in cutlery tray.

• Custom knife rack. Do you like to keep your knives organized instead of dumping them all into one compartment of the drawer? We would love to design a custom knife rack for you.

• Trash can drawer. Keep the trash can out of sight. We build a drawer made to fit your trash can.

• Plate racks. We can build plate organizers in your drawer to keep your stacks of plates from falling over when energetic helpers yank the drawer open.

Would you like to display your beautiful China plates? Include cabinets with glass doors in your kitchen plans. We can make grooves on the bottom of the cabinet or on the shelf so that you display your beautiful China plates.

• Lazy Susan. Ask for a lazy Susan to make the most of the space in your corner cupboard. These revolving shelves let you find what you need with a few spins..

• Variety of molding details. Choose the molding that fits your tastes.

• Different cabinet heights. Are you a tall person who gets a backache from washing dishes in most people’s sinks? We can build the cabinets to the height you need to comfortably work in your kitchen.

Base kitchen cabinet height usually measures 34 ½” before the countertop is added and the wall cabinets usually measure 30” high. Bathroom vanities are usually 31 ½” high before the countertop is installed. Since we specialize in custom-built cabinets, we can build them any height you like!

See our Options page for pictures and explanations about our finishes.

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Contact Scenic View Woodworking in Liverpool, PA, today to find out how we can design cabinets perfect for your home or business. Our small shop works with you personally, from drawing the plans on paper to stepping back and viewing the completed job with satisfaction!

Remodeling? We can add cabinets to what you already have. Or, we can change existing cabinets and countertops.

Committed to bringing you cabinetry of great value!